Rental of premises

We now offer you the opportunity to reserve our premises for a matching activity. Whether it is our meeting room for board games or our kitchen for the creation of a cake, we put our premises at your disposal. Just book it all in our rental calendar. We look forward to seeing you!


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Since its founding in 1991, Tel-jeunes has made it its mission to guide Quebec’s youth through their everyday discoveries, first experiences, questions, and difficulties. Thanks to a dedicated, committed, and innovative team, Tel-jeunes is an ally of all young people in Quebec, every single day.

Answering questions, offering guidance, and being a daily reassuring presence; that’s their job.

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TransEstrie’s main mission is to support the trans and non-binary communities of Estrie by creating services for them and by representing their interests to institutions, organizations and establishments in Estrie so that their services are adapted to trans and non-binary realities.

The organization was established from a “by and for” perspective, as we believe that the people best positioned to develop services and advocate for trans, non-binary and questioning people in the Estrie region are those who identify with these identities. We do not believe that there is one single way to be trans or non-binary and we work to reflect the diversity of our backgrounds through our administration, our employees and our services.

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Working with the MRCs of Haute-Yamaska ​​and Brome-Missisquoi community for more than 15 years, Divers-Gens is an action based organization and a support network for 2SLGBPTQIA+ youth and their families. Through educational, preventive and awareness activities, the organization wishes to be able to offer its support to any person or group who feels the need.

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ANEB Québec

Anorexia and Bulimia Québec (ANEB) is a non-profit organization that guarantees free, immediate and specialized help to people with an eating disorder and to their loved ones. ANEB has offered specialized services for 30 years and maintains its presence in various places in order to raise awareness of this mental health issue. Through various educational services and through the creation of new partnerships, ANEB helps to prevent and to decrease the consequences of eating disorders.

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Report to the Director of Youth Protection

Big Brothers Big Sisters are always available to assist you in the reporting process.

The protection of children is the responsibility of their parents, but also of the community as a whole. Whether you are a child care worker, a teacher, a health professional, a police officer, a neighbour or a family member, you have an important role to play in screening children in great difficulty.

Children who are abandoned, neglected, psychologically abused, sexually abused, physically abused or have serious behavioural problems should be reported.

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Activity idea

As a mentor, trying to find an activity idea is not always an easy task. We have compiled a list of fun activities to do with your mentee to help you create great memories together.

Reminder of some rules: Hunting with a gun or with a crossbow is not allowed and no sleeping, both at home or camping is allowed.


• Draw
• Paint
• Decorate an object (vase, mirror, frame)
• Prepare a flower arrangement
• Make a thematic calendar
• Make pottery
• Photograph
• Create masks
• Make a candle making workshop
• Make origami, make a bouquet of origami flowers
• Make artistic makeup
• Do crafts
• Do sculpture
• Make jewelry
• Make an object (bird house, soap box etc.)
• Make shadow play
• Make soap or natural products
• Learn Photoshop
• Knitting, crocheting
• Learn to make balloons animals


• Go to the theater
• Go to the Book Fair
• Visit a library
• Learn about different customs
• Participate in a walk/parade
• Visit embassies
• Do improvisation
• Visit the upscale neighborhoods to see the beautiful houses
• Make your family tree
• Learn how to use a map
• Prepare a topo on a country
• Attend a poetry/humour evening


• Telling childhood memories
• Find definitions of a random word in the dictionary, learn new words and use them in the day
• Comment on the news
• Talk about bullying, taxing, at school or elsewhere
• Parler de son avenir, d’un futur métier
• Read the same book and talk about it
• Talk about our first love, our great love


• Writing (a letter, a play, a comic book)
• Make a book "My best recipes"
• Telling our best jokes and writing them
• Make a mini-film: prepare script, dialogues, editing
• Do charades


• Go to the Job Fair
• Assist with 1st cv and cover letter


• Distribution of Christmas baskets
• Sale for fund raising
• Taking care of a community garden
• Cleaning up the city


• Do scientific research (electricity, astronomy, technology)
• Conduct science experiments
• Watch documentaries on a topic that interests you
• Games and quizzes on the Internet


• Have a picnic
• Have a BBQ
• Cook a recipe
• Discover foreign dishes
• Create a recipe book


• Setting a long-term goal helps build trust and relationship by giving the match a common goal to achieve
• Prepare a play
• Make a garage sale
• Make a collection of coins/ stamps/ rocks


• Make water balloons/ snow balls battles
• Do an aquatic activity (kayak, pedal boat)
• Go to La Ronde/ fireworks/ water slides
• Maintain the land (garden, pick up leaves)
• Do a winter sport (skiing, snowshoeing, hiking, sliding)
• Make a theme day (Star Wars series, home spa)
• Decorating the Christmas tree
• Ice fishing
• Dogsledding
• Build a fort or snowman


• Go to the sugar shack
• Go to the museum
• Go fruit or pumpkin picking
• Go to a maze
• Go to the beach
• Do a rally
• Attend a festival or public event (Fête du Lac des Nations, Festival des traditions du monde, Sherblues, Concert de la cité, etc.)
• Go to a themed café (cats, board games, ceramics)
• Use public transport and learn to orient
• Go to the zoo
• Go to the cinema
• Play lasertag
• Go to the circus
• Go to the O-Volt trampoline center
• Go to the Haunted House (warned teens only)
• Take a boat ride, sheepfold boat, flyboat
• Go to the flea market


• ALL SPORTS! (basket-ball / soccer / badminton / volley-ball…)
• Play golf/ mini-putt/ hit golf balls
• Go fishing
• Ride a bike
• Play pétanque
• Go bowling
• Play pool
• Attend or participate in a 5 or 10km race
• Go swimming
• Go climbing
• Go horse riding
• Go to a skate parc
• Play Frisbee/ Boomerang Game
• Go to sports matches of a professional team
• Bring LB/LS to see us play soccer, baseball, etc.
• Compete
• Go to the gym with your LB/LS
• Make a hockey pool
• Go on an obstacle course of Tree to Tree
• Hoop


• Visit a sorting centre, recycling centre
• Go on an ornithological trail/ bird watching
• Visit a bee farm
• Visit a regional park/ Identify animal trails
• Going to a farm/ going to the countryside
• Visit businesses (chocolate maker, baker, barracks, volunteer job)
• Going to visit a historic village
• Go see planes take off
• Visit a breeder (birds, dog, ostrich, bison, etc.)
• Visit the Houses of Culture


• Take care of the car
• Take a car ride/ learn signage
• Attend car races, Monster Truck
• Go to a car show
• Playing with remote controlled cars